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Breakthrough Coaching 2018

Pastor Steve Scroggs

Have you ever felt like the Hero of your life story has gotten a bad rap? Ever suffered the frustration of self-imposed limits that keep rolling repeatedly into your heart and soul? What limits you from becoming the person you are created to be? All you need is a guide. You face many villains in your story, and you can defeat them all!!!

I believe you have a lion in you; a giant slayer. All you need is a sling; the skill to hurl the truth that slays whatever giant you face. Break the cycle of misery and learn the skills to help yourself, your family and your friends slay giants. You can be free. OR, you can choose to remain the victim and live miserably in the excuses of the past. If David had stayed silent the whole nation of Israel would have fallen into slavery.

I invite you to BREAKTHROUGH COACHING with SozoLife, an all day Saturday Transformational Seminar: THE SEMINAR IS FREE!!! A FREEWILL OFFERING WILL BE TAKEN FOR PASTOR STEVE



SATURDAY: JANUARY 20, 2018 9 AM – 6 PM, with a LUNCH break



The Harvest Church

4865 Sunset Blvd.

Lexington, S. C. 29072


The Rock

Phone:  803-808-6373



THIS SATURDAY – IT’S 2018 – Arrange your schedule. As the Hero of your story, learn powerful skills to slay intimidating giants in your life.



Speaker:  Rev. Steve Scroggs Pastor and Coach for almost 40 years



Everyone needs coaching… The Lord asked Pastor Steve “How does a king raise a king?” Then the Lord revealed to him that all the king’s sons and daughters had mentor-tutors or coaches…men or women of great wisdom. Everyone needs wise counselors to walk successfully. This truth is as old as man. In the 21st century, Life-Coaching in America is a Billion-dollar industry. The most successful people, exceptional pastors, professional business owners, professional athletes, Olympic performers, as well as successful mothers and fathers have Life Coaches.


Pastor Steve loves to guide people to a rewarding and purposeful life. Life coaching helps people overcome the limiting beliefs as well as physical, spiritual, and mental obstacles. Sozo is a Greek word meaning to save, to deliver, to heal, and make whole. God, the Creator of the universe is the ultimate power for transformation. And he commanded you and me, through the Apostle Paul, to be “…transformed by the renewing of your mind…”  (Romans 12:2) This is a life skill you can learn!


Steve is a man who believes that the greatest achievement is to be a friend of God.  He loves family, enjoys people, and encourages God’s kids all over the world to walk in their eternal destiny.  He has walked with God for many years and has ministered all over the U.S. and in 15 different countries.  His passion is to reveal the love of the Father.


Rev. Charles and Rev. Geanie Paschal

Lexington, SC


Contact Geanie at 803-609-2884 or

geanielong@gmail.com for a private SozoLife session…