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Christmas Is Giving

 Merry Christmas

Christmas Is Giving 

One of my favorite Christmas songs is It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Yes, as I wrote I heard the music in my head. My soul has a great anchor for this season. When I hear this song I am ready for the season. Christmas is giving. You can have the spirit of Christmas all year long.

What gets your love, sharing, birthday celebration, and gift giving on?

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Merry Christmas

It is His Life that Makes the Difference

It is His Life that Makes the Difference

In all of the hustle and bustle of the commercial Christmas season, the shopping frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the excitement of expected presents and the disappointment of empty dreams, I began to ponder The Advent when the Father sent his Son almost two-thousand years ago. When you lose the heart of something you have to go back to the beginning. So, I went back to the manger in my heart and mind, and wrote some thoughts about the first Christmas.


There are few more intimate places, than a manger on a cold night in Bethlehem. Nothing worked out for him because the Father wanted his Son to be born in a manger, with the smell of earth, hay, dust, wind and animals. It must have been Joseph who was not expecting that minor detail. Then you see him again.

Joseph is carrying warm water and bringing rags to clean the baby when he arrives. Mary is screaming, pushing, bleeding, sweating, and delivering God, made flesh to dwell among us, as a vulnerable baby.

Angels herald his birth as eternity takes the lowest form among man. Shepherds living in the fields come to worship him, God swaddled in flesh. The mystery held in the heart of God is manifest in Spirit inhabiting the dust of the earth. This was planned from eternity, but manifested on earth. God touches you because he wants you.

Nothing and no one is outside what God knows and feels. What ever you are going through Jesus feels and knows. He is invested in the feeling of your infirmities. He feels you, your love, and your affection. The Father experiences every breath and  feels every hurt as Christ in you the hope of glory. He has felt this with you all of your life, because he chose you. Enter into him, he is waiting for you.

I feel his intimate love and joy for you, and he would have it, no other way. Love enters life where you are and helps you carry the load. “Thank you Jesus, that you are still personally involved in every life! Thank you for meeting us in a stable. We love you.”

HolyFamily_Soft_EdgeHave a beautiful and rewarding celebration of Jesus’ birthday.

Merry Christmas, the day God made it personal!

I want to personally thank you for your love and support this year! You are special to Melinda and I, and our heart reaches to you. For all of my human limitations and failures, I am sorry. May I ask for your forgiveness? I love you and want this year to be your best. And according to God’s word, 2015 will be the best you have known. You will walk in favor this year!

We Love you,

Steve and Melinda

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