Merry Christmas

It is His Life that Makes the Difference

It is His Life that Makes the Difference

In all of the hustle and bustle of the commercial Christmas season, the shopping frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the excitement of expected presents and the disappointment of empty dreams, I began to ponder The Advent when the Father sent his Son almost two-thousand years ago. When you lose the heart of something you have to go back to the beginning. So, I went back to the manger in my heart and mind, and wrote some thoughts about the first Christmas.


There are few more intimate places, than a manger on a cold night in Bethlehem. Nothing worked out for him because the Father wanted his Son to be born in a manger, with the smell of earth, hay, dust, wind and animals. It must have been Joseph who was not expecting that minor detail. Then you see him again.

Joseph is carrying warm water and bringing rags to clean the baby when he arrives. Mary is screaming, pushing, bleeding, sweating, and delivering God, made flesh to dwell among us, as a vulnerable baby.

Angels herald his birth as eternity takes the lowest form among man. Shepherds living in the fields come to worship him, God swaddled in flesh. The mystery held in the heart of God is manifest in Spirit inhabiting the dust of the earth. This was planned from eternity, but manifested on earth. God touches you because he wants you.

Nothing and no one is outside what God knows and feels. What ever you are going through Jesus feels and knows. He is invested in the feeling of your infirmities. He feels you, your love, and your affection. The Father experiences every breath and  feels every hurt as Christ in you the hope of glory. He has felt this with you all of your life, because he chose you. Enter into him, he is waiting for you.

I feel his intimate love and joy for you, and he would have it, no other way. Love enters life where you are and helps you carry the load. “Thank you Jesus, that you are still personally involved in every life! Thank you for meeting us in a stable. We love you.”

HolyFamily_Soft_EdgeHave a beautiful and rewarding celebration of Jesus’ birthday.

Merry Christmas, the day God made it personal!

I want to personally thank you for your love and support this year! You are special to Melinda and I, and our heart reaches to you. For all of my human limitations and failures, I am sorry. May I ask for your forgiveness? I love you and want this year to be your best. And according to God’s word, 2015 will be the best you have known. You will walk in favor this year!

We Love you,

Steve and Melinda

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The Season of Christmas

The season of Christmas shows us the focus of our heart.

HolyFamily_Soft_EdgeIn this season we celebrate the MIRACLE of Jesus’ birth, the Word of God that entered the earth and dwelled among us, almost two-thousand years ago. The change of time is dated with his birth and life ; B.C., – Before Christ, and A.D., in the year of our Lord. Remember, when God sent His son, He established it to be remembered. The eternal Father sent His Son, the seed of Eternity, born of a virgin, formed in flesh, as the Savior of the World. Since the first Adam sinned in the flesh by his will and brought an all consuming curse into the creation; the last Adam, the seed of God, had to come in flesh to make right all of the wrongs of the first Adam, to destroy all the works of the enemy, and to give his life’s blood on the cross. His sacrifice gives you the resource to live in your eternal inheritance, ultimate victory, and confident power. At Christmas the Messiah came to give you, your inheritance.

This season I want you to rejoice in three things:

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Does God want you in Meditation?


…the meditation of my heart shall be of understanding. – King David


It was a spring Saturday. The aroma of fresh cut grass filled the air. It was still morning and I was wiping sweat. I was 14 years old, had just finished mowing the lawn. My family lived in a 1920-something two-story white farmhouse, built on a knoll called Holly Hill, at the end of the road that bears the family name.  I lay back onto the porch. The warmth of the sun pulled me as I take a deep breath. As the energy of the sun’s light penetrates my skin a thought surfaces, “If God is light and eternal, can I meditate on his infinite glory and power.” Time seemed to slow as I began to imagine light. I absorb the warmth and sense comfort. I collect the energy and grip strength. I feel the rays

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There is More to this Life than meets the Eye

Have you ever encountered God in a grocery store?

I was in a grocery store checkout line when my eyes caught the TIMELIFE magazine MYSTERIES OF THE UNKNOWN: inside the world of the strange and unexplained. “Psychic prophecies, ghost hauntings, and alien abductions. Are these eerie phenomena real, or a figment of the human imagination? The answers await in MYSTERIES OF THE UNKNOWN.”[1]

This 93-page magazine encapsulates a fierce controversy in the life and in the heart of every human being to live in this world. The questions that arise are numerous. You may have had some of these questions yourself: “Is there something beyond the physical realm, or is this all there is to life?” “Can the invisible realm that I cannot see effect me?” “Is there life after death?” “Is there a God that created the universe, loves me, and wants a personal relationship with me?” And, if there is all of this invisible stuff out there, what does that mean for me?” These questions and many more have literally haunted me for years. You know what I mean. Remember laying on your bed as a child and having the fears of a “monster” under your bed. The more I thought about it the more I felt fear coming on me. Armed with the determination to deal with such fear, I rigged a string from my bed to the light switch. I could turn the light on and off from my bed. Did that make the monster go awayContinue Reading..


A Story of Victory with SozoLife

Have you ever had a sense of darkness surrounding you… like a cold emptiness sucking the life out of you? This loneliness and depression can be paralyzing. Feelings may not tell you the truth, but they can weigh so heavy on your psyche that insanity seems just a few steps away. You have to tell yourself they are just feelings and you can beat them. Displaced emotions and demonic oppression are two culprits of dis-ease. If you have ever experienced these symptoms I have good news for you. This story will give you hope!

One day a lady came in with a list of symptoms. She said, “My life is falling apart! I ache inside for peace and love, but I do not know why I cannot have it. Does God really love me?” The overwhelming feeling was that her life was falling apart. I sat facing her with two other people on my team that day; and after I introduced the process I said, “How would describe the issue you are facing?”

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The Eternal Purpose of God in Christ

The Eternal Purpose of God in Christ

One day as I was sitting in my office, I heard my next appointment in the waiting room. She had made an appointment a week earlier. I wondered why would she need to talk to me? She had a successful marriage of 18 years, three teenage children, and what looked like a good life. Or so I thought…

The waiting was over and she stepped into my office. “Hi Sarah, please have a seat. How are you today?” I asked.

“Oh, I’m fine.” She said, with a hesitant and almost apprehensive tone.

Sensing the struggle in her, small talk was cancelled. I asked, “What is on your heart today?”

The Heart Issue

She hung her head, sat down in the chair and said, “I need your help. I need to forgive my father. . . . .For some reason, I am not able to do that.”

I sighed, and in a rather candid expression, “Well, you know what the scripture says about forgiveness?”

“Yes, and I have said ‘I forgive you’ over and over again. I have prayed it. I have spoken it out loud, but somehow feelings of anger and rage keep coming up inside me, and pain comes up with it.” Her hands scooped the air from her stomach and then over her head. She tried to brush it off, but it would not be denied. The flicker in her eyes was the inner conflict surfacing. In that moment Continue Reading..


SozoLife: Healing for your Soul

Healing for your Soul

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.[1]

“My life is falling apart! I ache inside for peace and love, but I don’t know why I cannot have it. Does God really love me?” That day I was sitting with an anxious, thirty-something year old, who was over weight and appeared to be forty-something. The stress line map on her face indicated dashed dreams, fragmented expectations, and shattered promises. This is not the life Father God wanted for her. She continued, “I always have a sense of cold darkness around me. I feel like I’m isolated, alone, depressed, and hopeless. There have been times that it is all I can do to get out of bed in the morning. It is like a dark depression that is mixed with fear and anxiety.” I am not sure if anyone in my 30 year counseling ministry experience had as many words to describe her condition. I thought, how could someone so in touch with his or her feelings be so far from hope? There is a difference between knowing what you feel and knowing how to resolve emotional conflict.Continue Reading..


The Signs are Here! Awakening!

The signs and wonders in our midst. Behold, I and the children whom the Lord hath given me are for signs and for wonders in Israel from the Lord of hosts, which dwelleth in mount Zion. Isaiah 8:18 KJV “’Signs, signs, everywhere are signs. Can you see the signs?’ is what God was saying to me. God is asking the Church, his body; can we rightly discern the signs of the times and understand them?” Is what John Harris greeted me with as we were sitting down for coffee. Then he said, “I had a vision, I saw two major earthquakes hitting the US, both as a result of our government turning its back on Israel. We must repent for the sins of the USA. We must stand in the gap and ask the Lord for mercy, grace, and life. As a nation, we have been given much, more than any other nation in history. To whom much is given, much will be required. I have also seen this country go into great revival, but in this vision we were also in a place of humility on our knees before the Lord. As we were kneeling in prayer the Lord elevated the church to a high place, a place above not beneath. There were coliseums full of people being saved, healed and delivered. I could hear the testimonies Continue Reading..


Breakthrough Prayer

Do you remember being told as a child not to ask for anything? I remember, don’t ask for anything when we get to your friend’s house. I also remember telling my children not to ask. Don’t ask for candy, for favors, for friendships, for special treatment, or for what they wanted.

Now I see this was a big mistake. If you do not ask, you can’t receive. If you do not want, you will not have desire. Faith is predicated on a desire, and an appropriate time to ask. Jesus said ask and it shall be given you. He also said my father knows what you need before you ask.

So instead of teaching my children how and when to ask, I was teaching them to be their own source, and only to expect in life what they could produce through their own efforts. I apologized to my children, but now they will have to establish a new strategy for living. Hopefully, they will learn what I was unable to teach them.

I believe God loves to give his children what they want. This issue came up in me when my oldest son Steven and his wife Jen needed a car. Continue Reading..


Do you have demon oppression? 20 Question Guide

A life with demon tormentors is not fun. It is torment and oppression, with fear continually. They will try to pass themselves off as good, human, and your friend but nothing is FARTHER from the truth. They have a clear purpose that was taught by Jesus. In the first century, Jesus, the Son of God talked about demons on a number of occasions and here are a few…Continue Reading..